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So, they decided to 'treat' my aunt with the drug called Herceptin, hoping to prolong her life as long as they could. They only do four treatments of it, and that's it. My aunt finished her fourth treatment last week, and then went in for an MRI to see if it had any effect in slowing down the cancer. Back when we found out that it had metasticized, there were 3 tumors on her liver.

Results of the MRI? One of the tumors is GONE. The other two have SHRUNK.

The doctors have decided to give her an extra two treatments.

I am so excited. It's not a cure, I know, but who knows how much extra time we might have with her now?

I really want to thank everyone who told me to keep a good attitude, and keep hoping. I know we didn't have any good news along the way, and I often reassured my Mom by telling her that maybe our good news was just coming at the end - Man, do I ever love being right...
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So, I think my martial arts teacher tried to kill me today. I'm so sore and it's only been 3 hours since class. But I will put up with the pain. Because I think I want him.

lol, I am in complete crush mode and feel absoloutely pathetic.
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Blah to Health..

So, sick of my doctor at home's approach to my chest pain ("It's all in your head"), I went to see the college doctor today.

She's ordered a chest x-ray, and a blood test to rule out a pulmonary embolism.

Unfortunately, this means I have to go to the hospital. Which is a damn far walk. And I have too much schoolwork to go until the weekend.

Meh, I figure if a blood clot has stayed in place for near 3 months, what's another 2 days? Although, if I die - Will someone please inform my housemates that they made the last couple weeks of my life miserable?

Thanks :)
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Mysterious Benefactor

I got a mystery package today. I opened it up and found a beautiful print of a cat that looks like Lily amongst all these bright, colourful flowers.

I have absoloutely no idea who sent it to me. The only people that have my new address are my family, as far as I know.

But to whoever sent it, I am extremely greatful. It certainly was the bright point of my day.
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I keep looking at my window, expecting her to come running up and demanding to be let in and fed. But I haven't seen her since I let her out last night, and I'm really worried that she's not going to be back. Since she first came, it hasn't been this long between sightings.

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I'm torn.

I can either give this kitten to one of several people interest, or I can hold out on trying to find her a foster home until I can take her in April.

I don't know what to do. I'm so attached to her. She's everything I've ever wanted in a cat - Loving, affectionate, and an absoloute cuddle-whore.

But I know she deserves better than she has now. She deserves better than being on the street.

I haven't had much luck on the foster-home front. My Dad won't let my Mom take her in for me (too many cats at home)...Giving this cat away si going to break my heart. *sigh*
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I walked out the door to head to school this morning, and was greeted by the loudest meows I've heard in a long time. The kitten was still there. She's taken up residence in the furniture we have piled outside our side door (covered with a tarp).

This completely isn't fair at ALL.
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Flexi the Kitten...

There is a beautiful, insanely affectionate stray kitten on my porch and I can't even keep her...I hate this house!!! I've been curled up with her all day, and I have to leave her out there. And I'm devestated. Because my one housemate "might" be allergic. But Erica's cat is fine. He's only alergic when the possibility of me getting a cat came up.

I know I shouldn't have gotten attached, but I did, and now I'm all worked up and upset.

She's beautiful. A dark greay tabby with a black stripe down her back. One white leg, and 3 white feet. And a little white stripe down her face, between her eyes and down her nose..

Tony named her Flexi (Because she looks like his cat Felix)...So we've named her, and fed her..But I can't keep her..

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So, 2 hours after having my internet installed...I discovered the company has a cap of 15 Gigs per month, for downloading and uploading. Now, with BitTorrent, this won't do. Especially not with 4 users in the house.

But now I actually have the excuse of schoolwork as well. Tomorrow, after I get my phone hooked up, I will be cancelling my internet service with Cogeco, and starting service with Bell. It's a pain in the ass, but since no one bothered to inform me of any restrictions, it's a necessary pain in the ass.

...But damn am I ever going to get my 15 Gigs out of them first!!!!

At least I only have to pay for one day of service, lol. And I never thought that BELL would be the lesser of two evils...