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Kids Suck.

I had the most immature argument with a 9 year old today. Firstly, I don't like children. For the most part, they're annoying and dirty, and they frighten me.

So today..

I was on the bus and I was talking to a friend who was sitting near the front, because she had to get off at an early stop for work. And this kid was sitting in the seat across the aisle from me. And I had my flute case on my lap and she asked me what it is, and I told her. Then she told me she wanted to see what a flute looked like. So I told her that I couldn't really assemble it on the bus. She didn't care and just wanted to see the pieces. So I told her then she really wouldn't see what a real flute looked like anyway, because it was in pieces.

I was just being annoying because I *really* didn't want to take it out, and I don't much like kids..Then, she tried to grab the case and I told her in french not to touch. Then she spotted my one bracelet and tried to take it off to see it. So I commented she was a grabby little thing, and she agreed.

Then, she asked me my name. I asked her if she knew it. She said no. I told her she should learn it. She asked what it was again. I asked her what hers was. We got into the whole "I asked you first" "I asked you second" thing. I got preschool playground things thrown at me "Zero the hero, first the worst, etc". Then I asked if she asked first, then technically wasn't she first, since zero would mean she didn't exist, but I think I confused her when I starting talking about "the empty set" of Finite.

My friend, who hadn't been able to stop laughing, left then, and the little brat-let decided to come sit with me. She then proceeded to try to put hair mascara and body glitter on me, all of which I adamently refused.

I am such a loser..I can't beleive I did that. I swear, it's my nature just to be contrary.

For the love of god, please don't let my children be that annoying...
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