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And This Little Piggy Went to Roast..

Okay, so they had three pigs, named Ham, Bacon and Pork Chop. Charlotte gave the one a nice talking to on Monday, explaining he was going to be the guest of honour today. And let me tell you something, it's disturbing watching something that still looks just like a big being cooked. I understand why some people don't eat meat.

Went to Reg's Pig Roast today, which was kind of a dinner/all day get together so everyone at their stable could meet other.

I met a lot of new people, and re-met some people I already kind of knew from around there. This one girl, Aarin, owns Scout, the yearling who's in with my horse. She and I talked a lot about riding, and school. She was telling me about the college she went to, and the programs and such. It sounds like a really good school, and it has a bunch of stuff I'd enjoy. And program-wise. I guess the average starting wage is $50,000 a year for the one I want to go into, and I could end up with a job anywhere in North America. That would be amazing..I could go to British Columbia..or Miami..I could even end up in the Dominican Republic, too!!

Oh, and talk about a small world. Turns out she's the older sister of one of the guys I met on the geography trip to Niagara Falls in June. He had the most amazing eyes, and was one of the people I hung out with because Chris was being a huge jerk.

We exchanged numbers, and we're going to go riding, maybe later this week. I'm all excited about going riding with someone else. And Charlotte said I could ride one of her horses. (She owns Boat, and Dante (The anorexic Hannoverian)).
I can't wait until I can ride Kody.

Before we came home, I went to say goodbye to Kody, when I noticed the foal they had just weaned a few hours earlier had broken out of the same stall Kody had been in, and had gotten into the paddock with him and Scout, so I had to get Reg and Charlotte to come get him out, and fix the door so it wouldn't get hurt.

Whee!! I've got to get up in the morning and go riding again. I love my life. And I love this song!!
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