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Urg. Is it Saturday already? Since Tuesday, everything has just meshed into a solid block of time. I haven't been really sleeping, or eating since Mom got into the hospital.

At least she's doing better now though. Her fever was down by Wednesday, and they put the drains into her kidneys then, too. Then on Friday, they ran the dye, took out a few of the kidney stones, and put in the stints. They're going to run dye again tomorrow, and see how things are. But she's still booked to go into the operating room on Monday morning, to remove the rest of the stones. I hope they don't need to, though. I've stressed enough as is.

Since Monday night, when I went to sleep, and I woke up to go to the hospital on Tuesday, I've been getting two hours of sleep a night. Not much fun. I was getting kind of drunk from exhaustion last night..It was odd (Also kind of scary when I tried to see how steady my hands were and they were shaking so much). But then I slept for 14 hours last night/this morning. And I'm still exhausted. The dark circles under my eyes really don't do anything for my appearance, but who cares? Not me.

I think I've lost weight too. I just have no appetite, and more important things to worry about than food. My meals?

Tuesday - hospital coffee, 3 Chips Ahoy cookies
Wednesday - half a muffin, 250ml milk, an apple
Thursday - hospital coffee, Snapple Sun, little bag of pretzels
Friday - 3 hospital coffees, a muffin, Chinese Food (2 chickens balls, 2 wantons and a bit of rice)
Saturday - A bagel, 1/4 of a baked potato and maybe half a chicken breast?
Sunday - to be determined

Ick..I have more to write about, but I can't even do it now. Too tired to try to think of what I'm trying to say, and type. If there are typos, I'm sorry, but I can't proofread at the moment.

Oh wait, I can copy/paste how stupid I was last night.

I was sitting down by the lake (there's a park right by the hospital, which is right on the lake) on one of the big rocks, just watching the boats go by and drinking a coffee. I was tired and needed some air. So I'm sitting there, not really paying attention and this 30-40 year old guy just shows up. "Mind if I sit down and talk?". Now me, not being smart enough, said "Sure." and he started asking me where I was from, why I was down there, who I was with, and a lot more personal question. Then, I asked him where he was from, and then he told me, but he also started giving me way too much information, like why he was down at the water, his usual walking route, complete directions to his house, and so on, which is a big warning sign (I've read a book on protecting yourself from getting into dangerous situations. that knowledge goes away with no sleep - all knowledge goes away with no sleep).
Anyways, he kept getting really personal, and I finally got uncomfortable enough to get up and I told him I had to get going, and then he started to get really bitter and kind of mad towards me for being so brief, and running off. I just said bye, and left, pratically running back to the hospital, where I knew I was fine, because security was posted right inside the door, and I know most of the guards there, because of my sister.

Okay, can't type anymore. I'll finish this later.
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