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Everything's Falling Into Place

Wow..the past few days have been amazingly good, considering.

I talked to Crystal on Tuesday for a good couple hours. It was really nice talking to her, and talking about work and school, and mindless crap. I've missed her a lot this summer, and she's missed me. We're going to get together here as soon as we can.

My money is really adding up from all these tedious hours I'm working. If I can pay for it, I think my parents will let me go on a nice trip for Christmas, or Spring Break. Maybe New York, or Florida. I've always wanted to go to both.

A talk in chat last night inspired me to get out my folder I've kept from writing contests at school. I reread my stories, and the judges comments. I got those warm fuzzies I hear people talking about. That was nice. I was also looking at the congratulating cards, and I found prize remenents in the one! ($10 remaining of my $30's worth of gift certificates to the bookstore). I wonder how I missed those.

Someone read my 'Worst Way to Die' story the other night. I've always actually been very proud of it...I have a desire to continue with the series..I think Fire is next.

And then, speaking of fire. I finished Cold Fire, too. It was great. I love Daja. The book made me realize how much I miss smithing. I used to work with ornamental iron, but I had to stop a few years ago..I was talking to my dad about building a froge, and he thinks it would be a good idea!! I'm so excited about this.

I'm also really excited about how much time I'm spending at Reg's. I leave as soon as I can at night and stay as long as possible. I love being back there with the horses, and all the people. Kody's going to be fine, and Char thinks his cuts aren't going to scar too bad. When we let him out into the round pen on Monday, he jumped right out, and we had to catch him. That was fun.

As for today..He was in his stall, and there was a horse in the paddock outside of his stall. There's a latched door inbetween the stall, and the paddock. Kody opened the top half of the door yesterday and was socializing with the horse in the paddock before Char realized what he had done, and rebolted the door, asap. (Kody hasn't been with other horses for two years). So this morning, Char goes outside...and Kody's kicked open the bottom half of the door..and Scout, the horse in the paddock, went into the stall to visit..Then Scout left..And Kody, bitter at being left alone, broke open the top half of the door, and followed Scout into the paddock.

I'm just happy Reg and Char adore him..Elsewise, they'd be shipping him right back to me.

I got the forms to register Kody today. I need to think of two names to submit for him. (They have to be creative..They're exclusive to each horse, like..usernames. So I can't just send in 'Dakota'. His sire's stable name was Dakota, and his dam was Shadow. I'm not sure about their registered names). So that's something I'm going to have to think on.

British Television is amusing..At least this show is. It's called "My Family".

"What are you doing?" "What does it look like? I'm boning a haddock!"

There are only a few people who will appreciate the humour in that quote.
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