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Peachblossom's Rescue

So Reg came today to pick up Kody, to trailer him back to his place. It wasn't too bad of a loading, for only his second time going into a trailer. It was just a small 2-horse trailer with a divider down the middle, and through grain, coaxing and a little pushing, he got in. So Reg and Charlotte started off, and I went over to the house and got the truck to follow them back. I caught up with them a mile or so down the road when they got in the village, and stopped at a sign. Something just looked odd, about the flash of the horse I saw, so I pulled up right behind the trailer - to see Kody thrashing around.

I floored it and came up on the outside of Reg's truck, and yelled at him that something was wrong. He pulled over to the side, and he and Charlotte raced out and pulled open the door. I just about had a heart attack. Kody had broken his ties, and fallen. He was twisted, and stuck, and on his head, basically, with the rest of his weight crushing down on him (He was on his back, kind of). (For those of you who don't know horses, this is a trailering nightmare. In this position, the horse stops breathing. So there's a real sense of urgnecy in getting them out.).

So we're trying desperately to get him unstuck, and Kody's not doing very well. We needed to get the butt bar (a bar that goes across the back of the trailer, behind the door, to keep Kody in there in case the door is open, but it was jammed. So I raced back to the truck and grabbed some of my dad's tools and Reg started to hammer at the bar to get it open, while Char ran out on the road and flagged down a truck that was driving by.

And for this I thank the gods - two people rushed out of their truck to help us. It turns out these are both horse people - they own their own stable. The woman, Jenn..Her mother is the woman I know who was put into the coma by the horse. This same thing had happened to her, but they didn't have the bar they had to get out of the way..And they had to rip off the entire back of the trailer with another truck.

So her husband goes and helps Reg, and they pulled that goddam bar off. So Kody half fell out - his head, neck, and front legs, but the rest of him was still trapped. He wasn't moving, and he was bleeding so much. It was all over is head, and the pavement. So they tried to drive the truck forward to see if he'd slip out of the trailer. But they only moved an inch before screaming to stop, because he wasn't coming out. And Kody wasn't thrashing around anymore. Finally..I'm not even sure how..they managed to get him turned enough so they got him completely out of the trailer and onto the ground. He was alive, but things didn't look good. He wasn't moving, or kicking, or trying to get up. And everyone else-these people who've worked with horses their entire lives-keep giving each other these worried looks "This isn't good..he should be up by now." I just kept talking to him (trying to keep him calm kept me from completely flipping out). Reg finally managed to get Kody to his feet - like hell he was getting back in that trailer - The six of us made arrangements to dispose of all the vehicles (Charlotte, my dad and Jenn took the truck with the trailer and headed back to Reg's to get everything set up for when we got there. A stall readied, first aid and everything. Reg turned a lead rope into a rough halter to lead him by, since he broke the other one..He had to be careful to avoid having it rest on any of Kody's deep facial cuts. So as Reg led Kody the many, many miles to his house along the busy road, I drove behind him with my hazard lights on, and Jenn's husband drove in front. I was so pissed off at the drivers...Most of them never even slowed down, just floored out and passed.

An hour or so later we got to Reg's place, and then getting Kody into a stall was a complete other story. This was his first time being around other horses in 2 years, so he was all worked up over that too. Char and Reg helped me clean him up (Oh god, he's cut up so bad..The ones on his legs and body are mostly superficial..His head has a couple very nasty ones though.). I'm gonna try to run back tonight and go check on him again.

My poor baby..I thought he was dead. I truely did. If I hadn't of seen what had happened to him, he would have been dead by the time we got to Reg's. If Jenn and her husband hadn't of shown up, we might not have been able to get the bar off. Even a vert couldn't have helped - He wouldn't have even been able to get there in time, anyway. When we got Kody out, finally..He was near dead.

Now, I'm just relieved he's alive. Although I am really worried about the cuts on his face. I'm going to leave it to the judgement of Reg and Char though. I just hope he won't be scarred that bad. I mean, I know this sounds awfully shallow, but I won't be able to show him if he scars bad. Not in english riding. Ick..I shouldn't be worried about this. But I think I'm just looking for something to deal with that I cn help. My god, I couldn't have helped him at all in that trailer. I had no control over whether he lived or died.

That damn halter..It wasn't some cheap piece of crap either -It was a good $30 halter - and the damn thing snapped. Oh, damn that stupid tack stop to hell. They are NOT going to be very happy when they have to deal with me tomorrow. Hell hath no fury than me.
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