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That girl has caused me so much trouble...But that's over. For now, anyways! I finally finished her backstory. Well, for the most part. I still need to figure out exactly what happened for everyone to realize her exceptional skill with horses. Then it'll be done.

Hooray! Now I'll finally feel content RPing her. I finally know where she's coming from, and I've got a better feel for her. The rest will just play out as I work with her on the boards.

The Tel'Azir language is slowly, but surely developing. There's the words Krys came up with (which helped set me on my way). Then I have three other words, two of which are the titles for 'Lord' and 'Lady', as well as I've named one of their gods.

Hehehe..I'm not useless. I rock! And Krysten deserves credit for this too - I actually-willingly-wrote backstory. Oh god, I think she's breaking me..
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