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Never Trust a Psychopath....

Man..the useful advice that you pick up from farmers..I need to hang out at the feed & tack store more often. Maybe if I did then I would have heard about Fred. (Fred's the psychopath.)

I wonder if I go in and stare longingly at my $2295 saddle if they'll just give it to me out of pity.....Not likely, eh?

I'll spend my money elsewhere..on my crash vest, so I hopefully won't get too horrifically injured when Kody throws me off.

I feel like going and writing some poetry right now. *bites self on the arm* No, I must finish up Ari's backstory..It just gets longer and longer. I'm never going to RP the poor girl..her backstory is just going to get longer, and longer and longer...hehe..She's going back in time..

I'm tired. I'd rather go kickbox, but I'm not going to root around in the upper level of the barn at 3:15 am to find my boxing bag. There's bears..and bats and stuff out there. I really should go to bed. I have to be up for work in 3 hours..Oh well, at least tomorrow's a short day, so I'll hopefully be online mid-afternoon-ish. I'm really missing the people I generally talk to during the day..
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