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Man, I miss Kody...In the past month, I've only been able to see him twice. I hate not having my liscence, because it means I can only get back to the stable when my parents see fit to drive me, and my mother hates going back there. And my dad is always too busy.

*sigh* Reg was supposed to have finished training him by this time winter hit, but we'll be lucky to be done by Spring or Summer. And I won't even have the chance to ride my baby before I leave for university.

I guess I don't even really care about that, though. It's just, if he's not being trained, I wish he was home at our farm. So I could at least go see him, and work with him. I mean, he's my baby...The horse I've dreamed of since I was a little kid. And it's really hard not to be able to walk over the the field and see him every day, after being able to for the past two years.

*sigh* I really, really need my liscence..
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