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Merry Boxing Day!

Wow..Here it is, almost the 27th and I'm just posting about my Christmas now..

It was great. Started at about midnight, with the traditional opening of the stockings(Rippy Rippy Rip Rip!. Woke up at about 11 am and went downstairs to where my parents were watching some John Wayne movie called Rio Lobo. Turns out, this station had a 'Christmas With the Duke' thing on, and they played nothing but John Wayne movies all day..And I watched them ALL. We didn't miss a single one. Devon and I stayed up until 5:45 am to do so, but we watched it all. They are the funniest movies ever, really. ( "If you were my father and you really loved me, you'd shoot him!" "Well, I am your father, and I do love you, so I guess I'll have to shoot him." *pulls out a gun and shoots him* "You shot him!")

But yes, back to the materialistic part..I got a new portable cd player and a set of kickass headphones, because my old set kind of died on me..A really nice digital camera, and all the toys to go along with that. Plus the various other things..Books..ANIME!..cds..DVDs..oh, tickets to Mamma Mia..and..A HEADLAMP!!! WOO!!!

Ah, movie time. I think Devon and I are watching Dude Where's My Car again..YES!!!
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