November 11th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

Birthday Note

This is a Happy Belated Birthday to amanda_02. I'm sorry I missed the actual day *pounces and glomps* Much <3 to you and like I said - If I'm ever heading your way I am taking you out for a birthday bash! :)
Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

Rememberance Day

We had our ceremony at school today, and I actually did some hardcore thinking about today. Plus, I launched an attack on someone who was going to skip the ceremony to go play euchure. *grin* He ended up seeing things my way, and he came to the ceremony.

I don't know any veterans to thank today, but I do appreciate what they've done for us. It is because of those people that I will never know, that I can live the life I do today. So this is a thank you to them.

I will remember.
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