October 26th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

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Looking back at my entries since I moved to Lindsay, I thought I needed a cheery post. It is not escaping my attention that this cheering post is being made from my nice, warm, quiet home. Real home, not Lindsay.

Mom and I are going over the border tomorrow to do a bit of shopping. It's always fun to pop over and see all the shiny things that are available in the US, but not Canada. I fully intend on looking up some manga/anime while I'm down there that I can not for the life of me, find up here. And there is always Amazon.com, but then my father can track my purchases on the credit card..

It's nice being home and just getting to relax. Not stressing about school, or dumb people, and just cuddling with my kitties while I catch up on some reading and RPing.

Bleach has absoloutely consumed me (filling the void left by FMA), which is nice, and I completely get to blame on sharona1x2 *snugs*, who I hope is having a great time at her con!

I also caved and bought a lottery ticket for the $40 million jackpot tonight (As did EVERYONE else). Meh, $5. IF I win, it will really be worth it ;)