August 19th, 2005

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You try to do something nice, and then you have to spend all morning covering your tracks, lol.

My mom has been eyeing this antique vase in one of stores downtown for almost a month now. It's been in the window display, and every time we walk by, or stop to go to the bank (which is right beside it), she stops and oogles it.

Well, I was sick of waiting for her to get it, and I was worried someone would buy it right before she decided to finally go get it.

So I bought it for her. Her birthday is in another month, so I figured I'd buy it now and surprise her then. I bought it yesterday at 4:30 and dropped it off at my grandma's house for safekeeping until September. Then I went and picked up my mom, and took her to the bank - where she immedaitly discovered the vase was gone. And she was all disappointed, and I feel terrible and want to give it to her now. But I stood my ground and carried on, and she didn't mention it again...

..Until this morning. She only works half a day on Fridays, and she mentioned that she'd go in and see if it was still there today, and just moved out of the window. Which resulted in me making a frantic call to the woman at the store telling her NOT to tell anyone the story behind the sale (I told her I was getting it for my mom's birthday). But the woman at the store was new, and not the one who made the sale and kept going "Oh, if you bought it yesterday, it should still be here. I'll find it for her when she comes in to pick it up".

"NO! It's FOR her. It's a surprise for her birthday! Don't tell her about the sale!"

"Oh...I'll just tell her it's just sold then"

My god, I'm still worried about it. If I had of known the owner was going on vacation today, I wouldn't have bothered calling. Instead, I now have to worry about this new one forgetting our discussion and blabbing to Mom about it.

lol, why is doing something nice never easy?
Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

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I hope it absoloutely pours rain tonight. I just want to curl up by the window with a lap full of kittens and read. I want nothing more than to escape into a good book (Or a good print out. I have so many fics by the writers on my f-list printed out into a binder, for those nights when the computer spazzes out)

I'm so frustrated with people, and things, and decisions I have to make. It always seems like no matter what I do, or what I decide, someone is unhappy with me. I know I can't please everyone, but it doesn't even seem like I can please ANYONE these days.

Maybe I'll go get my hair chopped off before I head home. It seems like a good night for changing things up.
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Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

Note to You All :)

Just a quick little note I've been wanting to make for a while:

This goes out to my friends list -

You are all amazing, talented people. I respect and admire you all. Through livejournal, I have enjoyed feeling as if I get to know you a little better each day.

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you, and I wish I knew as many wonderful people in my everyday life. (If a lot of you wanted to move closer, that would suit me as well ;) )
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