August 16th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

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I don't understand how I can be so TIRED when I've been sleeping decent, normal hours for a week now. Or maybe this is how people normally feel in the mornings?

Tomorrow I have my driver's test to get my full liscence. I'm pretty worried about it, even though I've been driving all summer. The only difference between the class I have right now (G2) and the one I'm going for (G) is that with my G, I'll be able to drive after a drink or two, and I'll be able to have more passengers than I do seatbelts - Both of which NOT doing just seem like common sense to me.

But the years since I got my G2 have run out, so I either had to renew it, or go for my G. Either way I have to do a driver's test, so I decided just to do my G and get it over with.

I'm very nervous I'm going to fail, even though I know I'm a good driver. I'm doing the test in an unfamiliar town, and their roads kind of throw me off a smidge (Let's hope I have another car to follow, lol).

...If I pass I am paying the extra $10 to have a new photo taken. I'm 16 in my old one, and people at the bars and casinos are starting to give me suspicious looks...

*snugs f-list* I hope everyone's having a good day...