August 11th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

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Well last night sucked.

Since I haven't been sleeping much, or sleeping well lately, I left work yesterday with the intentions of going home and having a bit of a nap to kind of recharge. Well I got home, and ready to hop into bed, when the pain started. Initially I thought it was just the normal chest pains. I've had a lot of them this summer, they come on quick and stabby, but only for thirty seconds or so, then it's over.

This was completely different. It just felt like so much pressure on the right side of my chest, almost as if I was impaled on something. My throat felt like it was kind of closed up and I couldn't really breathe. I took my inhaler, and things kind of subsided, but there was definate discomfort in the right side of my chest all night. (The left side, where I usually get the pain, was fine). So needless to say, I am still very, very tired - and should probably go visit my doctor in the near future.
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