August 7th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

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Had a kickass weekend. Got together with Geordan for dinner after work on Friday. It was really nice seeing him again, and getting to talk face to face for the first time in a while. I mean, we talk online a fair bit, but it's different getting to see each other face to face.

Then yesterday I got to see Devon, who I also hadn't had the chance to see in a while. Did some shopping, some prep. stuff for the wedding -

Oh yes, my sister is engaged :) Getting married next fall, it's going to be..hard, lol. I'm the maid of honour and have to kind of do things from Lindsay while I'm at school, which sucks, since I go right through next summer. My two weeks off between third and fourth years are going to be spent cramming for the wedding.

My stress levels are going down somewhat. I've made a list, ordered by priority (which is a full sheet of binder-paper *wince*), and I've started crossing a couple things off of it. It's a small start, but it helps. Not to mention I've got Cheryl at work on my case daily "Did you get anything else crossed off the list?" lol, and it helps too..

Mom found one of my letters the other day. It was on a clipboard and I ripped off the top sheet and handed the clipboard back to her, forgetting about the letter underneath. When she handed it back to me she had this really sad look on her face and was like "You sounded so sad..". Which I really was, being betrayed by your friends really friggin sucks, lol. But I didn't want to make Mom feel sad about me being sad...I've gotten over it, I had vented my feelings on paper..

But I have more stuff to do. A present for a good-friend that's been a long time coming...A special project for someone who's helped me out a lot..And a ton of crap on my list, lol.
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