August 1st, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

Yes Chef!

Okay, I know there are way too many reality shows on TV these days, and most of them suck, but I quite enjoyed Hell's Kitchen. And I enjoyed the finale tonight. I might not have enjoyed it as much if my favourite from the start hadn't won, but..hey, what can you do? lol
Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

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I just wrote a rather long entry, on things I have learned about myself this summer..And after writing it, and reading it, I felt so content that I deleted it. Having served it's purpose, I have decided to finish this entry with one of the more amusing points of my long weekend.

*Driving along with father - sees sign that says 'Free Kittens'*
Me: *gasp!*
Father: *floors it*

The man "hates" cats, yet he always has at least two in his lap, or following him along...Oh yeah, he hates cats, lol