July 13th, 2005

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Well, I've tried to hold out hope, but it's been for naught.

My aunt has Stage Four Terminal Cancer.

She found the lump in what- March? And in July she gets her death sentence.

It's metasticized to her liver. They're not bothering with chemotherapy or radiation. They're immediatly going to start treating with with Herceptin (which I'm not sure if it's getting a lot of coverage in the States - it's getting a lot up here since some of the provinces are going to cover the cost of the treatment under health care. Which, at about $100,000 for treatment, is a good thing). It's for her type of cancer (HER-2 which is aggressive).

So they're hoping that will extend her life a while. They're not certain though. They didn't even say for certain how long she could have left.

Mom's being strong. She has to be, no one else can bear it. She was making all the phone calls tonight while I cried with my grandma for a bit, then tried to distract her and keep her company.

This just sucks so much. I want her to be at my wedding, I want her there for my mom. We're thinking about taking some trips and making some memories (I will be fielding the video camera and the digital camera). Just having some good times. I think I'm cancelling my camping trip with my friends next weekend so we can go visit my Aunt. Family is just so important to me, I'd just hate myself all weekend if I went.

I love my Aunt. My Uncle has offered to take her anywhere in the world, buy her anything she wants. And what does she tell him?

"Buy me a pony!"

...I wouldn't be surprised if he does, lol.
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