July 9th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

The Forgotten Rules of Friendship

"A friend is someone we expect will be there for us, who will feel as we do, who will never desert us...Rejection can feel like the end of the world - it calls up all our feelings of insecurity. 'Am I really all alone? Am I that worthless?'

Friends believe in you. They makes you feel good and bring you up when you're down. They even put you down when you get 'stuck up'..There is a simple reason why friendships matter. As humans, we were designed to be social beings because we can do far more together to improve each other's lives than we can in isolation. We need each other - not just for survival, but for comfort and closeness that can't be measured and that money can't buy.

Real friendship is about being alive and living our lives more fully. Two friends can almost blend into one. They dress alike, talk alike, swagger alike. They learn from each other in subtle ways, both good and bad. They learn right and wrong, test each other and the system, threaten each other with abandonment - But their importance to each other can never be doubted. They're almost in love with other, so fierce and passionate can be their relationship.."

I don't know why I posted this..I just think it captures some of my views about friendship. Especially the 'bring you up when you're down and put you down when you're being stuck up' part. lol, I'll sit there and comfort you when you're down, but I'll also tell you flat out when you're being an ass. I expect everyone to do the same for me.

It's time to go out for a walk and when I come back I am sitting myself down to do some writing. I have this scene going through my head over and over and it just needs to be purged. Maybe writing this section will help me figure out my main char's personality. I still don't have it yet!
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