June 30th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts


...I should shut off my messaging things...I am sending weird messages and I make no sense...(Sorry to my victims!!!)

I need sleep.

I don't want to work tomorrow.

I am sick of people thinking our office is a Tim Horton's.

I am sick of people that smell like drug smoke and try to touch me.

(For those of you who use on my list, that's not a shot against people who use - But the smell really does make me feel sick)
Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts


If anyone needs me tonight you can reach me on my cell. Free calling for all! Woo!

My Mommy sent me flowers at work today :) I am slightly disappointed that I have received many odd looks, yet no comments on my birthday beads. Oh well, it's still early, lol!

Ugh, back to work. It's the end of the month AND a long weekend so everyone needs their needles...*sigh*