June 16th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

Bleach makes my heart sing.

...I want to find good fics with Ken and Yachiru. Not even like...romance fics, just good fics. I was watching the closing to Episode...28 I think it was? And I just got kind of stuck on the two of them, and started wondering about the kind of bond they would have.

So I want fics. Now if only I could find them...
Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

Turn of Events...

So Addictions called me back this morning and offered me the job. I have this suspicion it's because the other person turned them down, lol.

Oh well, I now have a job. I start Monday.

I don't know whether I'm pleased to be working there or not. I would much raher prefer Hospice. Less people who are going to walk in the door and flip out on me because they're drugged to the nines. (Note I said LESS. It IS Napanee after all...)