June 12th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

More Samurai Champloo

Wow. I really enjoyed that series. I honestly don't know if I can properly express everything I adored about it, but the primary thing has to be the interaction between Mugen and Jin. I just adored how they offset each other.

Is anyone online that wants to put up with my squealing fangirlishness in an IM? lol. I am all giddy with post-series-ness and want to talk to someone about it.

I think I'm developing a thing for guys with glasses...First Ishida in Bleach caught my eye (I don't know whether it was the glasses or the attitude) and now Jin...I'm thinking it must be the glasses...

...I need to stake out the optometrist's...

As for what to watch next I'm torn between Read or Die (TV) or Weiss Kreuz, which I've never seen all of. Oh, or X.