May 26th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

Please Help??

Is anyone on my f-list currently fairly unbusy and has a messaging program of sorts? I finally found my dream job for the summer and the cover letter has to go out ASAP because the job closes at some point today.

Unfortunately, my grasp of the written english language is apparently gone and my cover letter is HORRID. Well, maybe no horrid, but could someone help me tweak it? I have AIM and MSN, both of which are listed in my profile.

Plese help *puppy dog eyes* I'll give you...Well, I have nothing, but I'll heart you forever!!
Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

Damn it...

So, A&P screwed me over one last time. I got a notice in the mail that 'Hey, all your information including your Social Security Number has been stolen, so you might want to watch out for Identity Theft."

..."But don't worry, because we have duplicate information backed up"
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Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

I Should Have Let the Cat Eat It....

In my quest to save a poor mouse from being tormented by three bored kittens, I kind of abandoned common sense - I hate mice, I just can't stand by and let the cats kill it when I know I could stop them. So I'm carefully keeping myself at arm's length as I grab the cats one by one and put them in the house. It was going fairly well until I went to grab the last cat - you know..


I tried to move out of the way, but the damn thing changed direction with me. It was at this point when my stupid sandals, having absoloutely zero traction, slipped on the sidewalk and down I went. I got my arm up between my head and the sidewalk, but still managed to scrap my feet to hell and I am going to have one massive bruise on my hip tomorrow.

Blah. That's what I get for trying to help out God's creatures.