May 4th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

I'm gonna sing the doom song!

So it nearly killed me, but I’m all home and set. I think I’ve only unpacked about 5 of the stacks of boxes that are filling the living room and kitchen, but at least it a start.

I moved half of my stuff directly to my new place in Lindsay. Oh! My new place in Lindsay. I am now one student of six who are living in the only habitable place in Lindsay. Erica and I will be sharing the house with 4 other people, who are apparently all guys. This is kind of an amusing ratio, except for the fact that I KNOW what boys are like in the house. Erica and I boy like to maintain a reasonable state of cleanliness but boys are gross. *crosses fingers* Here’s hoping that these are some of those mysterious clean boys I’ve been hearing about - or that Erica and I can at least whip them into shape. I think we’re claiming the upstairs bathroom as the girl’s bathroom (since it has a tub) and the downstairs is the boys. Which means I have to go upstairs, but it’s worth it for the cleanliness factor, lol. new room is great. It’s huge and allows for me to keep the monster bed! Which makes me extremely happy.

But I’m home for another couple months, so I will wait and give these boys a chance. Who knows, maybe they don’t like a filthy kitchen/house either. *crosses fingers*

I have to start job hunting soon. Which means I have to compose a resume and cover letter, a talent which I have not yet developed. Blah. You’d think that living so close to a reasonably sized city, it would be a lot easier to get a job than it is.

Being home is great. I’m loving the quiet, loving getting to see my mom so much, loving cuddling with the kittens (I have 2 of them curled around me in bed as I type). Not having a superfast internet connecting is only mildly frustrating at this point. I have a fair bit of anime to watch, so I’m okay for now. I watched the first episode of Bleach the other night, and it looks like it’s going to be really good. Thanks to sharona1x2 for the recommendation!

I keep seeing Kyou Kara Maou popping up on my friends list, and the art looks really pretty. I may have to add it to the “When Laura gets highspeed again” list.

Ooh, any manga recs? This store I love is having 50% off manga day again, so I’m starting a list and would love anyone’s input.
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