April 28th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

When you don't like something...Complain, lol

So I finally got in to see my professor today. We talked about my essay and he made some reccommendations to me for the future (which were really helpful, actually) - And then he raised my mark :) It's a 58% now, but that's still better than what it was.

haha, and I was terrified the entire time...I hate speaking up, but..hooray for it.

Oh, and he told me not to worry about my exam essay and I did a lot better than I think I did. (I was terrified because I wrote on the same topic as my term essay, lol).

So three exams down, two more to go - one of them fairly shortly. CO\omputer Science, open book..I've been surprising myself in that class all semester, getting 82-89 on my tests without having the SLIGHTEST clue what I'm doing..I don't really understand how someone can just wing computer science...But hey, I'm not complaining :)

I feel so relieved.

Now all I have to do is do okay on tomorrow's exam (which I have to start studying for tonight as soon as I get home from writing this afetrnoon's exam.
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