February 14th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

Everett lives again!!!

Just because I'm not going to change my MSN name due to the fact he might get any satisfaction out of it or think I miss his ass: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, FUCKTARD!!! Glad to know I was the better person and didn't dump you on the day of. I was at least going to wait a couple days so as not to ruin the holiday, but oh well. I had to choose between Ryan as a boyfriend and Mike as a friend - And you know, nobody tells me who I can or can't be friends with. I will not be told what to do. Except by my mom, but she has parental right :)

Doesn't really matter anyway, as I've always had a deep-rooted hatred of the day. I think I'll go buy myself some nice flowers tomorrow when they're all on sale. And maybe some chocolate, lol.

So much work to do this week. And I have no ambition to do any of it. Mike and I rented X-Men Legends for the PS2 for a week, and my god is it addicting. Or maybe I just get excited by the fact that I can kind of use this controller (lol, I miss the ones where I could only go forward, or back....and jump and fly along the way.) Anyway..Going home from class, doing up a bunch of work and then playing some more tonight after Mike gets home.

I want the FMA game...Is it even out yet?

Oh, and because this will amuse a couple of you, I know - I met a guy on the weekend who's going through to become a firefighter...He proposed after less than 24 hours, lol. I told him I'd keep it in mind.

Anyway, I need to get back to writing. I'm writing an Everett experiance's V-day drabble. It's fun to write, because it helps me channel my rage.
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