January 10th, 2005

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

On Ryan & Cosplay

Thanks you to all who offered hugs and snugs for my last post. But I have good news - we talked things out, and we're giving it another go. It might not work out this time either, but then at least I'll have done everything I could.

On a secondary note, I'm pretty sure Lauren and I are going to hit up Anime North 2005, and we think we want to cosplay. Unfortunately, I don't know how to ugh..make a costume, lol. If I could even decide as who to cosplay as (Right now, I'm thinking of Sailor Saturn. It looks like a relatively simple costume, plus I get hooker boots and a glaive).

Any suggestions or advice from anyone who has cosplayed before?

lol, or random suggestions of who else I could cosplay as?