October 18th, 2002

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

University of Ottawa

Went to the University of Ottawa today. I really liked it, with the exception of not being able to understand half of what was said. (If I go there, I'm really going to need to learn some more French beforehand).

So I got there at 9am, and was walking across campus when I heard someone yell my name. And my friend from school, Kerri Ann was there! So she helped me get where I was trying to go. Then we had to split up, and I went with the Faculty of Arts girl, who dropped me off with this professor who kept speaking French..And I ended up sitting through an hour long presentation on Enviromental Sciences, that was COMPLETELY in french, that I didn't understand a word of.

But then, I went off to visit the Geography Professor. There were only two of us there (me, and some little grade twelve guy I wanted to smack), so I was able to ask a ton of questions. By the end of the hour and a half I was talking to him, I had everything I wanted to know answered. And the professor loved me!! He told me he really hopes I end up going there, and if I apply and for some odd reason don't get in, or have any problems, to let him know. Then, he asked me if I'd come to his office with him, where he gave me the addresses to his course web sites online. If I have time, he wants me to go over them and e-mail him, telling him what out of his classes I've already learned in my school. I guess I'm the first person he's ever met who has already had a lot of experiance with GIS so far.

After I toured the Res buildings, the campus and got some more info, we went to the casino in Hull.

I legally got to order my first drink!! Then I went gambling for my first time too. I won about $20..then I found another $20 in loonies under the one machine. It was great. My sister walked away with an extra $20, and Terry came out with $4,000.

So yay! I have money!
Unlike the couple guys I met from the University there. I was talking to them for a while while they played at the tables and the one guy (who I think had a little much to drink) turns to me and his friend and goes "Dude! I just lost all of my osap!" (Osap is the money the government loans you so you can pay for your school). I feel so sorry for the poor bastard. It's only mid-October and his money's gone until January.

I need sleep. Trent University is tomorrow. Let's hope it goes as good as Ottawa!
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