October 9th, 2002

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

Life Is Good

It really is. I've even surprised myself these past few days. I've just been so happy, and energetic. Even yesterday's interview didn't get me down. I had a great time. Everything's just fun, and even all the schoolwork I have isn't that bad. I really don't mind it.

I find I'm online less. I'm on to do homework,and try to get a bit of chatting in while doing so. Otherwise, I'm off just..doing stuff. Talking on the phone, cleaning and organizing. I just feel like I'm getting a good grip on my life. I'm not so overwhelmed anymore, and it's great.

I had an amazing hour-long conversation with Rachel last night. It wasn't about anything in particular, but I hadn't had a steady, long conversation with her in a long time. Oh, which reminds me, she and I are getting together for lunch tomorrow.

Sadly, one part of organization includes sleep. Which is really kicking my ass. I mean, I'm going to bed by midnight now, and getting more sleep then I was before. Yet, I'm more tired. Eeesh. Oh well, once my body adjusts, it'll be good. Which is the good part. The sad part is, I don't see certain people anymore - Like my clone! Miss you Krysten!

I miss RPing, and talking to the people I RP with. I hope I don't seem like I don't care about the games anymore, it's just hard to start..then stop, when it's time to go. And I hate trapping other people's characters, then being so busy I don't have time to unstick them. *sigh* But I'm just trying to make myself more responsible, and it's a sacrifice I have to make. There's always weekends, though...Ugh, which at least one day of which will be, for about the next month, reserved for visiting colleges and universities all over Ontario and Quebec.

Oh well..I love everyone dearly, but this is important, for my future, and for me feeling good about myself. Which is amazingly frequent these days, which makes me happy. *grin*

Note to Self: Mail package tomorrow!
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