July 12th, 2002

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

No More Mouse

Okay, so I plagued everyone on IM with many a shreiked MOUSE!! earlier tonight. The stupid thing was back. But it scurried back under my tv..I didn't figure it'd come out again. So I'm typing away into the night, researching my newest story, when I hear something on the complete opposite side of my room. And demon-mouse is poking his head out from behind midway up my dresser. I turned off my music, so the floor wouldn't shake and it would come back out, and I grabbed my 17 year old cat, Baby, off my bed. I love her..I've had her all my life. She's just a big kitten. I kept her in my lap while I was waiting..The stupid thing came out from under the dresser and she saw it..Damn she moves good for an old cat. And unlike the kittens, she actually kills her prey. So, needless to say, no more mouse. Sweet dreams and a good morning's rest for me.

Kalli sent me Haunted, so I've finally gotten to hear Rylly's song. It's amazing!! And it keeps the mice at bay!!
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Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts

Peachblossom Meets his Match.

Reg finally came today to take a look at Kody. I was so worried, because if he didn't like Kody, or didn't think that anything could be done with him, he wouldn't take him for training. But Reg loves him! I'm so happy. He thinks that Kody is an amazing horse, both temperment-wise, and conformation wise.

Reg better'd me..he got in the field with Kody without having a weapon of some sort. He picked up each of Kody's feet without being kicked. Then of course, Kody thought he would try to bite him. Reg smacked him pretty good across the muzzle, and Kody was just stunned for a moment, but when he went back to Reg you could completely see the respect Kody now had. That's been a problem I've had. I allowed Kody to establish dominance over me by scaring me, whereas Reg came in and immediatly let Kody know that HE was in charge..Reg and I are going to work on putting me back in charge of Kody, but I don't think I'll have to worry about Kody's biting problem when he comes back.

I got a kick out of this..Reg was looking over Kody and says he's not a mean horse. He could tell from Kody's eyes...He's got a deep chest and strong, straight legs. He's going to be an amazing jumper...(But I've known that as he cleared the barnyard fence and went galavanting across the fields). So I'm really happy, because Reg is an extremelly good trainer. He's learned from the Canadian version of The Horse Whisperer, and he thinks Kody is going to end up better than his own horse. I'm so excited..Reg is bringing the trailer on Monday, and we're going to leave it in the field for a few days for him to get used to it...then he's going off to Reg's place.
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