July 10th, 2002

Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts


I think the air is eating my foot. I tried the socks, but it didn't help - they're still disintegrating. Maybe I've got the flesh eating disease. If so, I hope it hurries up, so I can quit A&P (It's hard to push carts when you have no feet). I hate carts. I hate shin bruises.
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Vivaldi, Queen of Hearts


I love dreams. They're amazing movies I get to see every night, and a wonderful source in inspiration and ideas for my stories. I'm very lucky, I've been told. I dream every night, no matter how little sleep, and I always remember what I dream about. I've also discovered that what I read, write, or watch before I go to sleep greatly influences my dreams.

I can remember dreams I've had when I was four, in vivid detail. (Not always the best, because I used to have vivid nightmares). I have alot of 'disaster' dreams, or dreams of people trying to kill me. I can't count the times I've been shot, or running from something. Hah..that's probably because I spend my life running. I run away from love..from friendship..I guard my heart closely. But that's another story.

Last night's dream(s) were scattered. I call anything apart from my main dream a clip..There was one of my aunt having cancer..There was another one where I was at a pool..I remember the flowers..

But, my main dream. I'm still fighting through the fragments to piece it together. I figured I might as well jot it down so I can keep trying to remember.


I'm sitting in a police station, waiting to be questioned. Something big has happened, and a lot of people I don't recognize from my real life, but they're people I KNOW, are there..They must have been witnessess too. Someone comes to get me - I'm last to be questioned, even though I know that this event mainly involved me. I'm like, the key witness. Something big happened, and I was there. I walk into this cubicle/office, and there's a few officers/detectives/investigators there, and there's also a boy about my age. He gets up and walks over to me, and I hug him /so/ tightly, and start crying again. He was there with me, when this thing happened. We both sit down, and they start questioning me. I'm confused, and I can't quite hear what they're saying properly. I've started shaking really bad. I'm half still in shock, and very shook up. One of the officers gets a blanket, and the boy puts it around my shoulders, and keeps his arms around me. I can't stop shaking. I'm so upset.


I wish I could remember what got me like that. As soon as all of this came to me, I've been trying to think back about what happened..but I just..can't find it. I know one of the officers made some comment about someone betraying the country. Whatever happened was big. I hope I remember what.
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