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Quidditch kicked ass today! I subbed for a team that didn't have enough players, and started out as a Beater. And for someone who's never really played before, I got the hang of it pretty quick. I've got good aim. I was downing their players left and right. It was amazing. But it was also easily tiring. I subbed out, then came back in shortly after as a Chaser. I threw myself into that and fell back on old basketball guarding tactics and such.

Luke ended up catching the snitch and we won. Afterwards, the ref (my 1st period teacher) complimented me on how aggressive I played. lol, was it that obvious? I get so into all my sports..She told me I need to start being that aggressive in class. How does one be aggressive in society? Oh well, I'll find something out.

Tomorrow I offically become a member of the Gryffindor Groupies. (I'm wearing my shirt as I type this, because it's damn warm...lol, I dare the ref to try to call my number [ it's n^5+1n+22 ]). Today was kind of a practice run for me, since I helped fill up the other team (the Wicked Weasleys). So I'm all ready for our game tomorrow...Except for the fact that I'm playing Seeker tomorrow. Gah, the entire game rests on my shoulders. How's that for pressure?

It's the Gryffindor Groupies vs. White Wonders

*sighs* Someone should have told the younger children that their name not only had to include alliteration, but a reference to the books as well. How stupid are they?
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