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09 March 2006 @ 04:09 am
So I stayed up too late reading a book and because of laying there in a weird position for hours, my back hurt when I finally turned out the lights. So, because it was the way to sleep that made it hurt the least, I was sleeping on my stomach.

My housemates have cranked the heat tonight so my room is boiling. I decided to sleep without a shirt.

So, as I'm laying there, drifting off, all comfy and tired and more than ready to sleep, I feel something on my back. I assume it's my hair.

It moved.

I have never vaulted out of bed that fast.

And now I am exhausted, upset, and absoloutely can NOT bring myself to lay back down in that bed. Because I believe I just had a spider on me.


I LOATHE spiders - Does anyone else remember my post on when the guy told me I had a spider on my back in the middle of lecture? At which point I freaked out and ripped off my shirt?

Oh god, if it was on me it had to be one of those small little ones - with their thick little black bodies. Oh god..oh god oh god oh god.. *curls up into a ball in her computer chair and cries*
Current Mood: distresseddistressed