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What a weekend this has been. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I don't enjoy being trapped in my room all weekend. My parents have had a bunch of people here since Friday afternoon, either the guy my dad hired to cut and stack the firewood, or the people who are looking after the cement floor they just poured in my dad's woodworking shop. And I mean, have been here since. The guys who're doing the floor didn't sleep Friday night. They worked until the left yesterday afternoon. And I first realized the guy doing the wood was staying when I went downstairs to see someone I've never seen before sleeping on my couch.

So yes, I've been avoiding seeing anyone this weekend. Which means either staying in my room, or going out with people. And, of course, avoiding meals in which means eating with creepy people i don't know, and don't care to know.

Friday I ducked out about 6 or so. I walked down the road, until I got to Melissa's about an hour or so later. Then we just hung out at her place, and she drove me home around 11, I think. Then I just went to sleep. Nothing much else to do.

Yesterday I slept until about 7 in the morning, when I went downstairs and saw some stranger sleeping on the couch (wood-guy). I grabbed a box of cereal and a bottle of water and retreated up to my room to watch cartoons, and come online for a while. Then at 5, I left to go to the movies with some friends.

I got to Aaron's house at about 7, and DJ was already there. Called Heather and pressured her into going to the movies too. So we went and got her, and threw the pylon the guys had stolen last weekend into the back of the van. (We ended up dropping it off later behind the car of one of Aaron's co-workers). Aaron and Heather told me fun stories about the camping trip this summer. I wish I could have gone, but I had to work.

We got to Kingston, and bought our tickets for the movie before we went off to wreak a little more havoc (Which ended up the theft of yet another pylon. This time it was a small one though, instead of one of the big road construction ones. There was also the demise of a shopping cart that met with a dumpster after travelling at about 50 km/h.).

We went to The Ring. That's seriously, one of the creepiest movies I've seen in a loong time. Heather spent just about the duration of the movie clinging to Aaron, while everytime I jumped I'd scare DJ, who would in turn jump more.

Although is wasn't the most disgusting scene, the scene with the horse definately creeped me the most. It reminded me of when I almost lost Kody when we were trailering him earlier this summer. That almost brought tears to my eyes.

But when Samara (they used my name!! Damn them, I was planning on naming my daughter that when I had children!! Not anymore.) climbed out of the tv to kill Noah...Oh god, I think poor DJ probably still has nail marks in his arm.

The movie ended at about midnight, so we headed home. I was the last to be dropped off, and, as I'm getting out of the van, DJ goes "Oh my god, is that someone standing out there?!". I jumped back into that damn van so fast and locked the door. "Where?!". Turns out DJ, in the dark, had mistaken my mom's decorative scarecrow for someone lurking in the dark.

So, I finally got out of the van, and into the house. Went upstairs. Glared suspiciously at my tv as I got ready for bed. Turned on my radio instead, and read for about an hour.

Okay, still /really/ wishing that I didn't have a tv in my room. Really wishing..
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