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So, they decided to 'treat' my aunt with the drug called Herceptin, hoping to prolong her life as long as they could. They only do four treatments of it, and that's it. My aunt finished her fourth treatment last week, and then went in for an MRI to see if it had any effect in slowing down the cancer. Back when we found out that it had metasticized, there were 3 tumors on her liver.

Results of the MRI? One of the tumors is GONE. The other two have SHRUNK.

The doctors have decided to give her an extra two treatments.

I am so excited. It's not a cure, I know, but who knows how much extra time we might have with her now?

I really want to thank everyone who told me to keep a good attitude, and keep hoping. I know we didn't have any good news along the way, and I often reassured my Mom by telling her that maybe our good news was just coming at the end - Man, do I ever love being right...
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