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21 October 2002 @ 05:41 pm
I swear to god, I must have a natural talent for making people hate me.

Maybe I should just disappear. It'd certainly make a lot of people happy.
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
tea berry-blueteaberryblue on October 21st, 2002 02:53 pm (UTC)
but...no...don't hate laura...LOVE YOU!

Prosody: calvinmoonlitpages on October 21st, 2002 06:50 pm (UTC)
Nooooo we loff you! Well, I do, so there. *clutches your pantleg* No go!
absinthe is my only pleasurethereisnotable on October 21st, 2002 11:07 pm (UTC)
*attaches self to Laura's leg* if you disappear, you're taking me with you.
Fiopenwiper on October 22nd, 2002 08:06 am (UTC)
Me likey the Laura.