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Flexi the Kitten...

There is a beautiful, insanely affectionate stray kitten on my porch and I can't even keep her...I hate this house!!! I've been curled up with her all day, and I have to leave her out there. And I'm devestated. Because my one housemate "might" be allergic. But Erica's cat is fine. He's only alergic when the possibility of me getting a cat came up.

I know I shouldn't have gotten attached, but I did, and now I'm all worked up and upset.

She's beautiful. A dark greay tabby with a black stripe down her back. One white leg, and 3 white feet. And a little white stripe down her face, between her eyes and down her nose..

Tony named her Flexi (Because she looks like his cat Felix)...So we've named her, and fed her..But I can't keep her..

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