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So, the move went pretty smoothly. The place was pretty much set up before I got here, so I just had to unpack some clothes and a couple boxes of essential things that had to wait until I came up for good. My parents left early evening, after a couple teary, sniffling moments with Mom. Hah, I’m just about tearing up again thinking about it. I always miss her when I go away to school. But enough of my whimpering…for now.

Erica and I have been keeping ourselves busy. Saturday night we decided to go check out the bar scene in Lindsay. It wasn’t pretty. There are about three bars. One is an Irish Pub that is filled with 40 year olds and very sketchy, one place is where you go to get drugs, and then there’s the place we ended up at; The Electric Tomato. It was a pretty good place. They had a decent live band that night. It was a cover band, but they were still pretty good. We stayed there for a couple hours, having a couple drinks and playing some pool, before making our way back home. It’s a decent walk, and you wouldn’t want to do it if you were too drunk, but it’s not bad when you’re sober.

Ryan and Andrew moved in on Saturday. Erica and I wandered back up to the main business area of Lindsay (also a decent walk) and hit up the Dollarama and Zellers to get everything we had forgotten when we moved up here. Spent the evening having a couple drinks and getting to know Ryan, Andrew, and Katie (Andrew’s girlfriend). They seem like really nice people. Our other housemate, Johan, is rarely ever here, and when he is, it’s just to grab a coat or something. So I haven’t really formed an opinion of him, but I guess he seems nice enough from when I’ve seen him. Erica and I were really freaked out when we moved up on Saturday, because he was already moved in and there was this massive KNIFE on his dresser. We were convinced he was going to kill us in our sleep, but it turns out he just likes to cook.

Sunday, Erica and I went over to the school to get books and get acquainted with the school. When we were walking over I heard someone call my name – and there was Brent. He was just moving up today and had wanted to stop and say hi. We made it brief though, as the car was waiting and gas is too expensive to idle for long these days, lol. At the school, we saw posters for a free movie night in the college pub, which is where we ended up that evening. Met a guy named Steve on the walk over, who’s living one street up with an extremely Christian family that kind of frightens him. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him around in the near future. I invited him to our place should he ever feel the need to sin.

The first week of classes has been alright. Some of them are actually pretty interesting, and I have all my afternoons off (except Friday). I’ve been getting to know the housemates and, as aforementioned, they are some extremely cool people. Getting to know Johan better, and he’s actually pretty cool too. The guy’s been EVERYWHERE.

I think Lindsay’s going to be alright. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, that’s for sure, but it’s going to be alright…

I get internet on Wednesday! First thing I’m doing is catching up on Bleach and Tsubasa!!! So much Tsubasa to catch up on..
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