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On heat and other crap:

I hope everyone else who's suffering under this deathly heat and humidity is doing okay. Especially amanda_02. I know how you die in the heat as well.

I can't believe it's supposed to be like this until Thursday. I can't breathe, my inhaler is permanantly within reach. I didn't sleep because of it last night, and I'm betting about the same tonight. It's so disgusting I actually enjoy going to work where it's so cold.

Went on a 10km walk yesterday which, considering the heat, was very stupid of me. I ended up sunburned and very dehydrated. The dehydration is still affecting me today, which made work kind of suck a lot. It probably would have been smart of me to take more than one bottle of water with me on my walk.

Why do I always have friends who only want me around until they find someone else to replace me? SOme have gone to the extremes of cutting off contact with me completely. And others talk to me once a week being all friendly, then don't return my calls or e-mails for the rest of the week.

The kicker this week was when the one friend asked me if I wanted to do something the next day and I said yes....then he didn't call me or e-mail me to tell me otherwise, then when I call to see what's going on - he's gone out somewhere.

The irony is, I was reassured I wouldn't be forgotten, and my skepticism was met with "Then I'll prove it to you."...Well, I'm being proved right...

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