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15 October 2002 @ 01:53 pm
What I was Thankful For.  
Sometimes I love my family. I really do...

*Mom and Dad are talking. Only words that we catch are 'morning', 'go' and 'move'"

Me: What's going on in the morning?
Devon: Who's going where?
Dad: I'm talking to your mother.
Me: Are you leaving?
Dad: No
Devon: Would you?
*Devon and I crack up at ourselves*
Devon: So where're you going?
Me: What're you getting me?
Dad: Nowhere and nothing.
Me: Are you leaving?
Devon: Soon?
Me: When're you going to be home?
Dad to Devon: When do *you* go home? She *looks pointedly at me* is never this bad when you're not here.
Devon: I have no home.
Me: You are home. Home is where the heart is.
Devon: *clutches her chest* Where is it?!
Me: Did you look inside the turkey?

*Dad shakes his head and walks away*

Me: When're you coming back?
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Current Music: Sexy Lady - Shaggy
tea berry-blueteaberryblue on October 15th, 2002 11:45 am (UTC)
that's funny. nate is always better when i'm visiting my parents. as in, i can sometimes scare, erm, convince him to get out of bed if i go an get in with him and hug him enough, and he actually sometimes can be goaded into pleasant conversation with the rest of the world.